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Online consultation

As a paying member of P+ you have free and unlimited access to online consultations.

Extra security for the entire family
With Online consultation you and your family can get easy access to a GP. Online consultation also covers your spouse, partner and children living at home. You can use Online consultation during weekends, if it is difficult to get through to your own GP, if you do not have the time for it or are travelling.

Online consultation provides medical advice – including about, vaccines, diet and weight loss as well as coronavirus advice. Online consultation also provides guidance about medicine and writes prescriptions in Denmark and countries within the EU/the European Economic Area. Online consultation does not make referrals to further treatment.

Online consultation is a supplement to the public health care offers and can be used freely and unlimited by all members of P+ who pay contributions and who thus contribute to paying for the health offer through their contributions. 

Short waiting time, long opening hours – all year round
Online consultation is open every day, all year round. And the waiting time is generally only 5 to 10 minutes.

You can contact Online consultation:
Weekdays from 08:00am - 10:00pm 
Weekends and public holidays from 10:00am - 10:00pm 

Get started, it only takes 5 minutes!
1. Download the app Eyr from App store or Google Play
2. Log on with your NemID.
3. Press Tilføj forsikring og medlemskab.
4. Choose P+.
5. Write the code P+2022.
6. You are now ready to use Online consultation.

You can also find a guide to configuration of Online consultation on your mobile here

When you use Online consultation, you get in contact with general practitioners with experience from Danish hospitals and their work as general practitioners. The general practitioners are employed at the company Eyr which since 2017 has completed almost 150,000 online consultations with a user satisfaction of 4.9 out of 5. Read more about Eyr here

Online consultation also covers your spouse or cohabitant as well as children living at home, including biological, joint-custody and adopted children. Spouses/cohabitants and children living at home who have reached age 15 must set up a profile themselves by logging on with NemID and using the code P+2022. Online consultation for children under age 15 is completed via the parents' profile. 

Eyr uses NemID, and all communication and health information are encrypted through storage and transfer. Accordingly, you can be certain that your health information is processed safely according to legislation and GDPR. P+ only receives anonymised data of the members and only for statistical purposes. Neither your general practitioner, P+ nor others are informed about you using Online consultation. However, your general practitioner can see if one of Online consultation's general practitioners have written a prescription or referral, just as Online consultation's general practitioners can see previous prescriptions in order to give you the best possible medical advice.  

P+ does not offer technical support related to the use of Online consultation or the app Eyr. For technical support contact support@eyr.md 

By means of our health offers we want to increase our members' attention to health and welfare, while trying to help them proactively. This way we can do our best - together with our members - to  take precautionary measures against long-term sickness leave and disabilty which have both huge human and financial costs. 


The costs related to disability pension benefits in the pension fund have increased steadily for the past 6 years, and we will do our utmost to break that trend. We expect to be able to cover the costs of our health offers - including Online consultation - by reducing our cost related to e.g. disability cases. As a member you will not be paying higher costs as a result of the health offers. 


We offer Online consultation to all members who are paying contributions to a pension scheme in P+, and who thereby contribute to payment of the health offer through their contributions. We do not offer Online consultation to retired members as the costs would be too high for the members. Also the costs would have to be paid from the members' pensions which would not be attractive. For the same reason we do not offer Online consultation as an individual additional purchase. We consider continually if there could be economy of scale by offering Online consultation to all members of P+, but for now we do not expect to extend the offer.