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Who is P+

P+ is the pension fund for academics. We have more than 110.000 members, who own P+, and we have approx. DKK 150 billion under management. This makes us one of the 10 largest pension companies in Denmark.

Our main priority is to provide attractive pension schemes for our members and take care of them throughout their entire lives. We are a 100 percent member-owned non-occupational pension fund where the entire surplus is distributed to the members. As a member, you have direct influence on the pension fund, and member democracy is a cornerstone in P+. 

We have low costs due to the possibility of large-scale investments and a strong negotiating strategy. We generate a stable return and focus on a responsible investment strategy.

We know our members and through our cooperation with the trade organisations Djøf (The Danish Association of Lawyers and Economists) and IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers) we are able to adjust the products to our members’ needs. We want to be able to offer you competitive and flexible products which give you security and cover in every aspect of life.