P+ applies provisions to prevent speculation against the pension fund's members.

With a provision you are fully covered immediately if you are well and healthy and do not have a diagnosis at the time you are admitted to the pension fund or change your pension scheme.

The provision takes effect if you die or lose the ability to work in the provision period, and this is due to a health issue which existed at the time of admission, or the pension scheme is changed later on or in case of significant increases in the contribution payments. Then the pension benefits are reduced. If the death or disability are not related to the suffering/health issue that existed at the time of admission, the pension benefits are not reduced.

If the provision takes effect as a result of significant contribution increases, the provision only applies to the increases of the monthly contributions that impact the lifelong retirement pension benefits that are linked up with monthly benefit payments in the event of illness and death.

If you get married and want a spouse’s pension cover, you must remember to opt for it within 6 months from the marriage. If you opt for it more than 6 months after the marriage, a 2-year provision period takes effect. When you opt for the spouse's pension cover within 6 months after the marriage, no provision period takes effect.

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