The deposit interest rate is the interest rate which is added to the average rate pension schemes. The deposit interest rate is determined on basis of the financial situation, the previous years' returns and the pension fund's general financial situation. This means that the deposit interest rate regulates the pension fund's actual return with time. 

Generally, the deposit interest rate is determined once annually, but it may be adjusted upwards or downwards during the year if the circumstances demand so - e.g. due to substantial fluctuations on the financial markets.  

Your deposit interest rate depends on the time of admission to P+, and the type of pension scheme you have. Members who have similar pension schemes always have the same interest payment, while there may be different interest payments on the different schemes. The difference is due to different risks on the pension commitments. 

Find your deposit interest rate on Min pension
You can see your deposit interest rate under Dine oplysninger on Min pension

The expectations to future deposit interest rates appear from the assumptions for calculation of pensions 

Members under P+ Life cycle do not have a deposit interest rate. Instead, the interest payment follows the return of the chose investment profile. You can read more about P+ Life cycle here