Payments from employer
When as an employer you pay contribution payments on behalf of an employee, you must know if the employee in question is entitled to membership of the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) or the Danish Association of Lawyers and Economists (Djøf) which is a requirement for admission to P+.

Here you can see if the employee is entitled to membership of IDA

Here you can see if the employer is entitled to membership of Djøf

Private payments
The monthly pension contribution must as a minimum account for DKK 2,000. The monthly payment is adjusted annually on 1 January. The adjustment rate equals the adjustment rate for annuities certain which is determined by the Danish Ministry of Taxation.

Extra payments
If you want to make extra payments to your pension scheme, you must log in to Min pension where you can see how much you can pay. You can also ask your employer to make a transfer along with the monthly pension contribution. This must be done with the payment for December at the latest. If we are not informed about where the money should be transferred to, it is transferred to your lifelong retirement pension. 

Deadline for payment in 2023
Up to and including 27 December at 3 pm you can order a payment slip on Min pension. The payment slip is sent to your e-Boks and must be paid no later than 27 December at 11.59 pm. 

Payments made before 20 December will appear from Min pension before New Year, while payments made after this date become visible after New year.

You can see the administrative costs applying to extra payments here

You can boost your pension savings by making extra payments to your existing pension scheme. The extra payments are subject to the same rules - i.e. retirement age, beneficiary on your death, transfer rules etc. 


You can make the payment via Min pension 


You may also make an extra payment through the pension contribution made by your employer. Read more below.

Your employer can make an extra contribution together with the montly contribution.


Deductible amounts:

  • Retirement pension: Fully tax-deductible within your salary.
  • Annuity certain: DKK 66,195 (including 8 percent labour market contribution).
  • Retirementi insurance: You cannot make payments to a retirement insurance through your employer as payments are not tax-deductible.


You can always pay according to the rules applying to private payments. But as a self-employed (one-man business), you have the possibility of paying up to 30 percent of your surplus to lifelong retirement pension - besides payment to an annuity certain and retirement insurance.


We recommend that you contact your accountant for further advice. 

As a pension fund, P+ is subject to the Danish Act on Measures to prevent Money Laundering and Financing og Terrorism which requires that we know our members and their transactions. Depending on the size of your payment, we may ask about where the money comes from and require documentation. You can read more here