If you have not appointed any beneficiaries, payment in the event of your death is made to your next of kin according to legislation applying since 1 January 2008.

According to the Danish Insurance Contracts Act section 105a your next of kin are in below-mentioned order:

  1. Your spouse or registered partner.
  2. Cohabitant if you share the same address and have, expect or have had a child together, or you have shared the same address in a relationship comparable to a marriage for the last 2 years before the death.
  3. Issue (children/grandchildren).
  4. Heirs according to a will.
  5. Heirs according to law (your parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, grandparents, uncles and aunts).

However, the above does not apply to the following products in the event of death under Regulations applying to P+, former JØP: MemberFunds (15 years), MemberFunds and annuities certain set up before 1 January 2008. You can read more below.

P+, former JØP: MemberFunds 
MemberFunds (15 years) and MemberFunds in the event of death are automatically paid to your estate. If you do not want payment to be made to your estate, you can change this by completing a beneficiary declaration. Please note that not all types of MemberFunds are paid in the event of death. Payments in the event of death appear from your pension statement under Udbetaling til dine efterladte, hvis du dør.

Pension agreements set up before 1 January 2008
If you have an endowment policy and/or annuity certain which is set up before 1 January 2008, or if your next of kin are entitled to a benefit to unmarried members under P+ Regulations 1972, former JØP Regulations 1 or P+ Regulations 1983, former DIP Regulations 1, the previous definition of next of kin, which do not include cohabitant (item 2) apply. If you want the definition currently in force to apply, you must contact us