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P+ introduces as the first labour market pension fund an investment product with improved focus on sustainability, P+ Sustainable. P+ Sustainable is targeted members who prioritise improved focus on sustainable choices in their investments. You will get a letter in e-Boks when you can choose P+ Sustainable.

What is P+ Sustainable?
P+ Sustainable is a part of the P+ Life cycle universe. It is a market rate product where risk is adjusted as you approach retirement. This means that the risk is high when you are young, and it is gradually reduced as you approach your retirement age. This way you can expect a higher return the first years of your savings period and at the same time experience fewer fluctuations as you approach retirement.   

You can read more about P+ Life cycle here

Improved focus on sustainability
Your pension in P+ already includes a high level of responsible investments. Our policy for responsible investments applies across our investment universe - and so do our ambitious climate targets. And we focus on climate, environment, human rights and governance conditions when we invest. 

P+ Sustainable is targeted members who prioritise improved focus on responsibility and sustainability in their investments. 

Sustainability pioneers
With P+ Sustainable we aim at making your pension savings carbon neutral already in 2030. You will get more climate friendly investments, and an even bigger part of your investments will be placed in sustainable pioneers.

More restrictive
We are 100 percent restrictive towards a number of companies and sectors in P+ Sustainable. This applies among other things to weapons, tobacco, alcohol and fossil fuels.

More impatient in respect of active ownership
In P+ Sustainable we are more impatient in respect of active ownership. If the companies are not assessed to be in a sufficient transition towards progress, we will more promptly put restrictions on the companies and exclude them from the portfolio.   

Development with time
Stricter demands on sustainability means deselecion of investments. Accordingly, P+ Sustainable includes less equities compared to our standard product. P+ Life cycle includes approx. 2,500 equities, while P+ Sustainable only includes approx. 500 especially selected equities. 

The illiquid part of the portfolio (e.g. investments in unlisted equities, infrastructure, real estate and forest) will at first be consistent for both products. However, the target for P+ Sustainable is with time to become even more focused on responsibility and sustainability in relation to the illiquid part of the portfolio.

P+ Sustainable compared with P+ Life cycle
Below overview shows how P+ Sustainable differs from P+ Life cycle.


P+ Life cycle

P+ Sustainable

Target of carbon neutral pension



Target of share of climate friendly investments

15 percent in 2030

50 percent in 2030

Opting for companies that are sustainable frontrunners


More and increasingly consistent deselections of controversial companies


More and increasingly consistent deselections of controversial countries


Active ownership

Illiquid investments in i.a. infrastructure and real estate

Varies with time

Equities in the portfolio

Approx. 2,500

Approx. 500

Gradual reduction of risk approaching retirement age

Comparable expectations to return, risk level and annual costs

Comparative expectations to risk, costs and return
Our expectation is overall that both risk, costs and return in P+ Sustainable will be comparative to P+ Life cycle. But we do expect larger fluctuations of the return on investments in P+ Sustainable along the way. You can read how we consider adverse impact on sustainability and sustainability risks here

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