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The Wellbeing Line

As a member of P+ you can get preventive help and guidance if you experience stress symptoms or are not doing well.

Guidance on how to handle challenges in your work life and personal life
The Wellbeing Line gives you direct acces to professional advisory services from experienced health professionals who are trained stress coaches. The health professionals offer preventive help and guidance if you experience stress symptoms or are not doing well.

All members who pay contributions to a pension scheme in P+ can use The Wellbeing Line freely and unlimited.

You can contact The Wellbeing Line on 8818 6978 from Monday-Thursday from 11:00am to 4:00pm and Friday from 11:00am to 3:00pm. 

The Wellbeing Line can e.g. help you finding the reasons if you experience stress symptons, or your are not doing well and can provide practical and mental tools that can help you improving your work-life balance. 


The Wellbeing Line can also be used for following up on previous conversations.

If you are facing a difficult situation due to private or work-related problems, you can contact the Wellbeing Line. 


If you are not doing well, it may be caused by work-related challenges like stress, poor working relationships with colleagues, conflicts, lack of resources to do your job etc. It may also be caused by grief, an impending divorce or challendes with an ill child, spouse or other closely related family member. 


If you are working as a manager, you can use the Wellbeing Line for advisory services and guidance related to management issues, e.g. stressed employees, challenging conversions etc.

The Wellbeing Line is established in cooperation with Gjensidige who is P+'s business partner related to health. The telephone calls are handled by health professional employees with supplementary training as stress coaches.  

Your health information are processed safely. Neither your GP, P+ nor others are informed about you contacting the Wellbeing Line.