Costs and transparency

P+ focuses on the investment costs.

Costs play a vital role in the development of the members' pensions with time, and accordingly P+ observes the investments costs carefully. This means specifically that P+ must aim at investing through co-operations, structures and asset classes that lead to the lowest possible investment costs - taking the objective of achieving the highest possible expected return after costs into account.

All pension providers must calculate two specific key figures as a measure of the annual costs related to a pension scheme. The costs are calculated in DKK and as a percentage rate.

  • Annual costs calculated in DKK (ÅOK) show both costs related to administration of the pension scheme and the costs related to investment of the funds.
  • Annual costs calculated as a percentage rate (ÅOP) show the costs as a percentage of the pension savings.

The two figures supplement the costs that the pension fund must disclose in e.g. the annual report. You can read more about ÅOK and ÅOP here

The investment costs related to pension products with a deposit interest rate appear from the deposit statement under ÅOP/ÅOK.

The investment costs related to market rate products are calculated on basis of the total savings at year-end and account for:

  • P+ Aktiemax: 0.49 percent
  • P+ Balance: 0.43 percent
  • P+ Obligationsmax: 0.39 percent

The investment costs are based on 2021 costs. 

The direct administrative costs are determined by the pension fund’s Board. The cost rates appear from the technical basis which is reported to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Read more here

The pension fund has calculated the total costs, inclusive of all internal and external administrative and investment-related costs. The costs are calculated and distributed to the members’ deposits according to the standard from Insurance & Pension Denmark.

You can see the annual costs calculated in DKK and as a percentage rate on the deposit statement


You can find the deposit statement on Min pension under Medlemskab/Dine dokumenter.