P+’s climate targets

Our ambitious climate targets support our long-term goal of carbon neutrality in 2050.

As a member of the leading alliance for climate-responsible investors, the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance, we have committed ourselves to ensure that the pension savings of our more than 100,000 members will be carbon neutral by 2050.

In November 2021, we set ambitious interim climate targets for 2025 and 2030 which support our long-term goal of carbon neutrality in 2050.

“As an institutional investor with over 150 billion in total savings, we can play an important role in finding solutions supporting the green transition. P+ takes its responsibility seriously when it comes to creating real world impact. The green transition is more than a single percentage in an investment portfolio. If we are to achieve real world impact, a comprehensive and thorough climate effort is needed. That is why we now present our climate goals for 2025 and 2030, respectively, which are among the most ambitious in the industry,” says CEO of P +, Søren Kolbye Sørensen.

Our 3 interim climate targets

1. The carbon footprint of our investment portfolio must be 30 percent lower in 2025 compared to 2019
The target includes all liquid equities, corporate bonds and directly owned properties. P+ has already divested several companies in the coal and oil sector because they have not shown the ability or willingness to adapt to the green transition. Furthermore, we will increase our demands on climate reporting, thereby ensuring the best available data and enabling us to analyze and assess our investments in relation to carbon footprints thoroughly. Today, data is often incomplete, but we expect data to improve continuously in the coming years.

2. We will pursue active ownership with the 20 largest CO2-emitting companies in our portfolio
We will intensify and sharpen our dialogue with the largest CO2-emitting companies in our portfolio to influence them to become a part of the green transition. Our target is to contribute to real world impact by working for progress within the companies through active ownership. Therefore, the largest CO2-emitting companies are listed on our observation list which puts them under increased monitoring.

3. 15 percent of our total assets must be invested climate-friendly by 2030
Examples of climate-friendly investments are renewable energy facilities such as solar and wind farms. As a part of the effort, P+ will – through the collaboration with other investors – pioneer standards for the measurement and reporting of climate-friendly investments.