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Annual general meetings

Member democracy is a corner stone in P+, and as a member of the pension fund you have the possibility of speaking your mind at Annual General Meeting.

General meetings
The pension fund holds its ordinary general meeting once annually. 

The general meeting is the supreme authority in all of the pension fund's affairs, and only the general meeting can change the pension fund’s Articles of Association and Regulations. All members are entitled to attend the general meetings, and they are entitled to speak, vote and have a specific item included in the agenda of the general meeting.

The pension fund’s ordinary general meeting is convened by the Board and held annually before the end of April in Copenhagen or Frederiksberg.

You can find more information about the general meetings in the Articles of Association

Annual general meeting 2022
390 members participated - either digitally or physically - in P+'s annual general meeting on 7 April 2022.

The Chairman presented his report of the first year with a new Board and concluded that the pension fund generated a historically good result for 2021, and that P+ today is one of the country's largest and strongest pension funds. 

The CEO presented the annual report, and he too concluded that it had been a favourable investment year for P+ with an all time high investment return of DKK 18.1 billion.  

The following debate revolved around sustainability, divestment and exclusions. 

Two members had submitted proposals about priority for residents to vacant apartments and disclosure of information about returns respectively. Both proposals were rejected. 

The general meeting ended at 7:25pm.